Courtney Love Hates Flower Crowns So Maybe Leave Them At Home Next Coachella Season

If you've been wearing flower crowns thinking they make you look SO COOL and that one day a street style photographer will stop you and you'll finally become the next Tavi Gevinson, think again. Courtney Love hates flower crowns and says you are dumb and a poseur for wearing them. So back away from the flower crown rack near the register at Urban Outfitters because where would we be with no chance of Courtney Love wanting to be best friends with us? We'd be nowhere.

In an interview with, Love discussed her pure and utter loathing for flower crowns, along with her undying love of artisanal cheese and Net-a-Porter. Why does she hate the popular hairpiece so much? Because they are SO OVER and she's worn them already like, a million times in the '80s with her gazillion dollar designer dresses and you're lame for copying her style because you weren't even alive then.

I’m gonna say something, and I’m gonna stand by it, which is this: Flower crowns are over. Fuck flower crowns. If I see one more fucking flower crown, I’m going to kick someone’s ass. And let me also say this: If you dig deep enough, you can find a 1986 Details magazine, I’m on the cover in a flower crown, OK?! Talk about ahead of your time! Fuck flower crowns! I can show you pictures of me that were taken when Warhol was still alive—that long ago. I’m wearing a Westwood dress — oh, God, that Westwood dress! It was my most precious thing. Wacky Leigh Bowery heels, that Dianne Brill moment, and my original nose — which was huge — and I’m wearing a flower crown. Flower crowns are fucking dead. I got thrown a flower crown from an audience member the other day, and I just looked at it and it was plastic flowers and I was like, “Nooo! God.” At Coachella, how many fucking boys were wearing flower crowns? They’re done!

Man, I wish I was as passionate about anything as Love is about those damn flower crowns. Hey, while you're at it, why not stop wearing flannel shirts and Betsy Johnson dresses because they are DONE. Courtney Love has already worn them enough times, so we should all be sick of them. I like to make fun of the sea of flower crowns at every music festival as much as the next person, but Love's rant is a bit elitist. She sounds like she's saying that because you weren't famous when Andy Warhol was alive and don't own Vivienne Westwood dresses you can't wear flower crowns.

Flower crowns have actually been around since way before Love's 1986 Details magazine cover. According to The Knot, we can trace the origin of flower crowns back to ancient Greece. If Courtney Love can't stand them, can you imagine how much those poor dead ancient Greeks must hate flower crowns?

Quick, Courtney — cover your eyes!

Image: Urban Outfitters