Today's Mariah Carey vs. 1997 Mariah Carey

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Looks like Mariah Carey is a little off on her #ThrowbackThursdays: this Friday, the diva tweeted a photo collage of her adorable kids with the message "quality time with #dembabies... so much happiness!!" It seemed like Carey was living in the present, but one of her photos was not like the others. One picture shows a picture of a smiling Mariah Carey that was actually featured on a 1997 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

It could be a common computer mistake, but there's a chance Mariah could be living in the past. It's not like we can blame her — after all, we'd like to go back to the age of "Fantasy" and Clarissa Explains it All too. But those were different times. Was 1997 really better than 2014 for Mariah Carey? Let's investigate.


Back in 1997, Carey's IMDB would have been empty. But since then, she's done a complete turnaround in the world of acting. While she started out on the bottom end of Rotten Tomatoes in movies like Glitter and WiseGirls, she's spent the past few years getting award nominations for her roles in films like The Butler and Precious. So while Carey started out as another singer-to-actress flop, today she's made it as an actress.

Winner: 2014


Today, it's Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse, but in 1997 it was Butterfly. While songs like "Thirsty" and "Beautiful" are surefire hits today, it's hard for anything to compete with vintage Mariah Carey. So of course, you know we have to give this one to Butterfly.

Winner: 1997

Love Life

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In 1997, Carey's marriage with music executive Tommy Mottola was dissolving. They would divorce the following year. But today, Carey is overwhelmingly lucky in love. She's in a happy marriage with Nick Cannon and they have two adorable twins, Monroe and Moroccan. It's clear who the winner is here.

Winner: 2014

Her Look

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Mariah Carey has never been a chameleon fashionista, but she's always had a signature look, all glitter, butterflies, heels, and curves. Many things may have changed in her life over the years, but her look has always been classic Mariah Carey. Through two kids and a broken arm, she's always been a vision of ultimate girlieness.

Winner: Both!

Looks like 2014 is a better year for Mariah, so come on, girl. Leave 1997 pics where they belong: in the past.