This Unreleased Kylie Minogue Song Is Great

by Alex Kritselis

On Monday, an unreleased Kylie Minogue demo called “Waiting 4 the Sun” made its way online, and it’s quite something. Reportedly recorded for Minogue’s last album, Kiss Me Once, “Waiting 4 the Sun” is a brooding, synth-laden ballad that at first appears to be about always having someone’s back — but there's a little bit of a twist. As much as I hate to say it, “Waiting 4 the Sun” could’ve easily replaced some songs that made Kiss Me Once’s final track list (I’m lookin’ at you, “Beautiful”). If you’re a Minogue fan, this is one that you definitely need to hear!

I realize that whenever an unreleased demo leaks online, regardless of its quality, you can count on hearing anguished cries of, “Oh my gosh, why wasn’t this song on the album???” across the Internet. But in this case, I really feel that those cries are justified! “Waiting 4 the Sun” is a great song, and there are a couple clunkers on Kiss Me Once — namely, the aforementioned “Beautiful” and “I Was Gonna Cancel" (though I may be in the minority when it comes to the latter).

As far as the twist goes, if you only pay attention to “Waiting 4 the Sun’s” chorus, you might think that Minogue is just really committed to “being there” for her friend/partner. She sings:

Call on me and I’ll be standing by your side

I’ll be here waiting for the sun to rise

Call on me and I’ll be standing by your side

I’ll be here waiting for the sun to rise…

But other parts of the song tell a much different story. On the verses, it sounds as if Minogue has actually grown weary of cleaning up so many messes. “You dive so deep ‘cause you know I won’t let you drown / I fight to see the silver lining in the clouds,” she sings on the song’s second verse. Clearly, this relationship is headed for some trouble.

“Waiting 4 the Sun” was allegedly produced by Alter Ego, Australian DJ Tommy Trash, and American production duo The Runners (Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink to That)"). Check out the song via Soundcloud below.