Grint will have no Trouble Emoting on Broadway

by Maitri Suhas

It's only a really big deal! Ron Weasley—er, I mean, Rupert Grint, is going to star in the Broadway show It's Only a Play come October. And it's a star-studded production: Grint is starring alongside Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Stockard Channing (that's right, Rizzo/ Jed Barlett's First Lady), and Megan Mullally. It's Only a Play features a nervous playwright, Broderick, who's taking a chance with a new young director (Grint), and ticking away the moments until curtains with his pals.

Grint is MORE than equipped for the role — working on Harry Potter for years and years confirms he's got the acting chops and that he can throw himself into any character. But beyond that, stage actors need GRAVITAS, they need to be able to wow everyone from the front row to the back of the theatre.

But if you remember our good-natured, good-hearted pal Ronald Weasley, I don't think that's going to be a problem: besides his notoriety as stubborn admirer of Hermione Granger and sometimes very angry best friend of Harry Potter, I think Ron Weasley had some of the best facial expressions BY FAR in all of the Harry Potter series. Here's his diverse range of emotion that's going to translate brilliantly from screen to stage.

1. Ferocious.

Lion-hearted, lion-headed. Look at that yawp! It's gonna bring the house down.

2. At a loss.

He doesn't always have all the answers, and that can send him into a bit of an incredulous panic. But look how well he handles those dramatic hand gestures and that concerned, panicked brow.

3. Concerned.

Probably Grint's forte. Ron was always hella concerned. This look of "Oh, shit, what now?" is comical and perfect and maybe his signature.

4. Romantic and/or contemplative.

We didn't always get to see Ron's poetic side, but oh, is it there. It's a bit goofy, like Ron himself, but he can definitely pull off that wide-eyed, love of life optimism that will translate just fine to the theatre.

5. So scared he might just crap his pants.

My god, was he terrified so much in Harry Potter! Yes, Ronald was brave, but sometimes it took some very embarrassing situations of total and utter fear to get him to get a hold of himself. Why did it have to be spiders?

6. Ever genuine, ever himself.

Even when he's just chatting, Grint has an adorably expressive face—that sideways grin, those give-away eyes, those eyebrows that you can read like a book. You could tell what he's feeling from a mile away, and while that may have been a downfall for a wizard, it'll be the perfect tool for the big stage.

Bravo, Rupert Grint, you're off to Broadway.

Images: Tumblr.