What Soccer and Sex Have In Common thing, right? Well, maybe not — but the activities have enough in common that the Durex #DontFakeIt campaign is capitalizing on the World Cup in a hilarious way. Their latest ad campaign features a whole bunch of soccer players running around, kicking a ball, and, well… faking it when they fall down dramatically after alleged injuries. They trip spectacularly, faceplant after barely being touched, and twist their faces into overblown grimaces of pain, all in epic slow mo and to a dramatic, operatic soundtrack. Ridiculous? Yes. Hilarious? I think so, but maybe that’s just me. In any event, it does rather effectively drive home Durex’s “Don’t fake it!” stance, so well done there. My only complaint is that there’s only one woman among the sea of dudes. I mean, let’s face it: We all fake it sometimes. While we’re on the subject, why not be equal opportunity in our falsity?

Durex has long been opposed to faking it in the sack — something for which I actually have a lot of respect. So much of good sex is about communication, so if you or your partner aren’t being clear about what you love and what you hate, you’re going to end up having a lot of bad sex. They’ve even got a whole page about sexual honesty on their website, offering tips and tricks on how to communicate effectively in the bedroom (or in the shower, or on the kitchen table, or…).

Which isn’t to say that faking it doesn’t actually have a time and a place; according to science, it most definitely does. Back in March, a study conducted by Temple University and Kenyon College found that women in particular usually fake it for one of four reasons — one of which is an attempt to increase arousal in oneself. So hey, if it helps get you off, then go for it! Just, y’know, be careful about giving your partner positive reinforcement when you don’t actually like whatever they’re doing. If that’s the case, teach them what works for you instead. That’s a surefire way for everybody to win.

And don’t forget your condoms. Safety first!

Image: Durex/YouTube