The 9 Best Self Tanners For A Believable Faux Glow, Even If You're Vampire-Level Pasty

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With the advent of summer sun and a few vacation days stored away for that tropical getaway you've been planning, craving a healthy glow is simply part of the deal. But with new studies published each day on the dangers of unprotected exposure to the sun, it's not exactly shrewd to lie out without a hefty coating of sunscreen.

However, even devout sun worshippers know that the key to a modern summer tan is the right lotion, spray, moisturizer or mousse. For those who crave sun-kissed color without UV damage, here are the nine best tried-and-true self-tanners on the market. Just remember to throw some sunscreen on top if it isn't included in the formula, and you'll be set for whichever beach, park, or rooftop garden is next on your list.

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