Jude Law's Son Rafferty Made His Runway Debut at DKNY's Menswear Show, Proving Good Looks Definitely Run In The Family

When flawless people mate, they tend to produce flawless offspring, so it comes as no surprise that Jude Law and Sadie Frost's 17-year-old son isn't exactly struggling in the looks department. He's also an aspiring model, because of course. Rafferty Law made his runway debut at DKNY's menswear show this week and it's clear that he was made for this industry, even if he was wearing a glorified baseball jersey.

Rafferty Law, who is represented by Select Model Management, looks like papa Jude Law with a baby face. Based on some photos published by the Daily Mail, he has some '90s boy band piercings happening on his left ear, which is not ideal, but who cares when you have Jude Law's eyes, am I right? It's no wonder DKNY wanted him for their runway presentation, which was co-hosted by Esquire magazine for London Collections: Men.

Given that the only boys I knew when I was 17 either looked like Kurt Cobain with more acne or wore basketball shorts down to mid-shin and smelled like Axe, I'm a bit in awe of Rafferty Law (ha!). Then again, none of my high school classmates had British heartthrobs for parents either, so maybe I'm being unfair.

Congrats to Rafferty on his runway debut and on winning the genetic lottery!

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images