Reunited and It Feels So Good

by Kadeen Griffiths
Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Can I get an Amen? Michelle Williams' first singly has been hotly anticipated ever since it came out that Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland would feature on "Say Yes", essentially giving us the Destiny's Child reunion that all of us have secretly been itching for. Not a full Destiny's Child reunion, mind you, because we love the way Beyoncé's career is going and I can't imagine her as part of an act anymore. But for everyone who still knows all the words to "Say My Name", just having the three girls performing together again for the first time since Super Bowl 2013 is a dream come true. However, putting all the emphasis on the three girls together is doing the song a disservice. Michelle Williams' "Say Yes" music video was amazing and it wasn't just because Beyoncé and Rowland were in it.

If you listened to the song and came to the conclusion that it really made you want to get up and dance, then this music video is right up your alley. Williams is dancing throughout, in different outfits and locations, with the camera frequently cutting to a crowd of other Africans dancing along as well. It's peppy and upbeat and just about as glorious as you would expect a celebratory Gospel song to be and Williams looks like she's having so much fun just singing it that her energy is infectious throughout.

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You won't be quite sure of the point where you forget that you're waiting for Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, but you can rest assured that you will come to that point. Williams is enjoying what she's doing way too much for you not to forget about the other two women for a moment and just get into the song. By the time Beyoncé shows up, it's a pleasant surprise to remember that this video can, in fact, get better.

If there was any ever doubt that the members of Destiny's Child all love and support one another, it will quickly be dispelled by this video. Beyoncé and Rowland have just as much fun with the song and dance as Williams does, if not more, and the three of them dancing together with the crowd at the end is reminiscent of the Destiny's Child "Lose Your Breath" video. Except, of course, for how much time has passed since that video came out.

This was a perfect bit of nostalgia and a great way to say goodbye to an era. With this song and this video, it feels like Williams is truly setting out on her own and teaching the world what she's all about as an artist and Rowland and Beyoncé will support her on that journey. We owe it to all of them to support her as well.

Watch the video below and say goodbye to your childhood.