9 Cristiano Ronaldo Shirtless Photos That Prove He Just Loves Being In His Underwear (You're Welcome)

Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer Player and Abdominal Extraordinaire. Even if you're not so big of a fan to paint your face for the World Cup, odds are that you've still heard of Ronaldo's famed physique. It's impressive, really. Almost unbelievable. But it's real. And obviously, as seems to be the trend with unnaturally buff soccer stars, the practical next step to building an empire on biceps and buns of steel (after, you know, becoming a talented athlete) is basically just being as naked as possible, as often as possible. And then developing an underwear line a la David Beckham. Obviously. I'm not exactly complaining.

With the World Cup going on, all that can possibly mean for many of us is just more Cristiano Ronaldo. And again, I'm not complaining. That's the beauty of soccer, you know — win or lose, Cristiano Ronaldo's body remains a constant. And if that's not the sign of a truly great sport, I don't know what is, guys.

In honor of the World Cup and Ronaldo's alarmingly chiseled body, here are 9 times Cristiano Ronaldo was doing something ridiculous in his underwear and/or was partially naked. Because he's Cristiano Ronaldo. And clothes are merely details.

1. Debut Of His Own Underwear Line, 2013

Either he is just very confident, or possibly overcompensating for something. Even for me, that is just too much Ronaldo.

2. Armani Underwear Ads, 2010

"Don't look at me. But do. Because I'm beautiful."

3. Armani Underwear Ad, 2010


4. Vogue Spain, 2014

So is there a rule about these photos having to be black and white? Or?

5. Emporio Armani Ad, 2010

Honestly, the vest just makes me uncomfortable.

6. Armani Jeans Ad,

"Oh, hello, don't mind me as I casually thrust into this table."

7. Vogue Spain, 2014

One hand on hip, other hand casually rested on model girlfriend's butt, and a smile that says "yes, I am hotter than all of you."

8. Time Force Ad, 2010

Is the shirt on? Is it off? Why is it there in the first place? So many questions.

9. CR7 Ad, 2013

I don't really understand what is sexy about sitting on old boxes.

Bonus Shirt-On Gif:

Never change, dude.