'SYTYCD': Branden "Sideshow" Feimster's audition a textbook what *not* to do

As we mentioned before, Wednesday's So You Think You Can Dance brought the DUDES in a way we didn't see last week, highlighting male dancers of a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Most of these talents made it through to at least the choreography round on the strength of their routines.

Of course not everyone can make it. Case in point: Branden "Sideshow" Feimster, whose...quirky brand of dancing was matched -- hell, completely overshadowed -- by his need to get into it with Nigel.

Things really seemed to be going well at first! Sideshow swaggered out on stage like some combination of Beetlejuice and Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die, black and white-striped pants with a voodoo-style top hat for good major. He was from a local dance troop, Dragon House, which has given SYTYCD many talented dancers in the past. And even if he sounded like a more deranged Busta Rhymes as he took time to hype his mom out in the audience before telling Nigel he "don't wanna talk no more," that he "just wanna dance," it still rang more enthusiastic than obnoxious.

But then the dancing started. And then the dancing ended.

Nigel: "You said you were going to do some original pop and lock?" Sideshow: "That hurts my feelings when you say I'm not pop and locking. But you ain't gonna knock me down." The back and forth continued, Mary doing her best to mitigate but ultimately failing. The result? Sorry, Sideshow -- no trip to LA.

Sideshow mouthed off a little more backstage while his dance troupe walked en masse to Nigel's desk, where they apologized on behalf of their friend. "It happens" said Nigel.

Image: FOX