#EverybodyIsaBeachBody, as Proved By These 14 Beautiful Women of All Sizes

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It's funny. In the months leading up to summer, we become consumed by hopes of sunshine filled days, glowing tans and ice creams by the beach. We often spend the winter months in a state of hibernation, counting down the days until snow is replaced by heat haze.

But then the season arrives, and all those daydreams are replaced by anxiety — anxiety about our bodies, anxiety about finding a "flattering" swimsuit, anxiety about stripping down to the bare essentials in front of friends, families or fellow beach-going strangers. And then there are the magazines and tabloids hitting us daily. "How to Get the Perfect Beach Body." "Is Your Body Ready For Summer." "How to Tone in 10 Days To Get The Best Bikini Bod." It can be difficult for anyone, of any size, to feel comfortable whilst presented with the notion that the "perfect beach body" exists and is the thing to strive for.

Perfection may not be a feasible goal — what does it even mean? But feeling confident and happy are far more plausible, and in the long run, far more important. In the effort of showing that #EveryBodyIsABeach Body, 14 beautiful women of all sizes, shapes and styles have stripped down and proved that all you have to do to get a bikini body is put your body in a bikini!

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