Lux The Angry Cat Strikes Back On Jackson Galaxy's "My Cat From Hell," Remains Evil

This March, a story out of Portland, Oregon produced what is, in my opinion, the funniest headline ever: "Family Calls 911 When Angry Fat Cat Holds Them Hostage." (Thanks, BuzzFeed.) Now, the story of said angry fat cat continues: Kitty whisperer Jackson Galaxy took on Lux for an episode of "My Cat From Hell."

There has probably never been a more fitting candidate for the show. Lux terrified his owners (but won the Internet) when he attacked a baby and boxed the family into their own bathroom. Little Luxy's owners then placed the best 911 call that has ever happened. Police intervened, the crime scene was secured, official statements were issued. All because of a 22-pound black and white cat.

Listen, I've got an obese cat, too. She has a penchant for biting the tops of my feet and has torn my couch to shreds. She will rouse me in the middle of the night by biting my nose just because her food bowl is empty. I get that cats can rule the roost. Still, it's hard to take the situation seriously. I've never had to lock myself in a bathroom to avoid her. But Lux may be a beast of a different kind.

The episode, which aired last weekend, was apparently Galaxy's "toughest case." Upon meeting Lux, he was able to coax him into his lap and get the fierce feline to calm down enough to enjoy some petting. Galaxy said he didn't see a "vicious cat," though we imagine Lux's former owners would beg to differ. Though the host was able to warm up to Lux using his cat voodoo, he couldn't manage to find any long-term solutions to the cat's behavioral problems.

During the show, he convinced another couple to temporarily take Lux, who was on antidepressants and anti-seizure medication to treat his feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which triggers violent behavior. Unfortunately, after the show was taped, Lux struck again and attacked his new owners. They gave him up. For their own safety.


Galaxy was heartbroken, but hasn't lost faith. The reality show star has placed him in a veterinary hospital, where is still being treated by specialists for his behavioral problems.

"I fell in love with him the second I met him," Galaxy told The Associated Press. "He's the sweetest boy in the world."

Erm, probably not the sweetest.

Image: YouTube/NewsToday