Gilly Gets a Ben & Jerry's Flavor

And now, for the incredible combination of all things delicious and hilarious, Ben & Jerry's will be releasing Saturday Night Live themed ice cream flavors. Yes, that's right — you will now be able to know what comedy tastes like. This combo actually makes perfect sense, since SNL is a comedy institution, and Ben & Jerry's is famous for naming their decadent flavors after pop culture staples. (I recently tweeted at Ben & Jerry's to launch "Game of Cones" and "Red Velvet Wedding," by the way. I'll keep you updated.)

So — which SNL characters are getting this (literally) sweet honor? One of these characters is Gilly, Kristen Wiig's famous schoolgirl character who caused mischief and was always "sorry." Ben & Jerry's describes this flavor, which is appropriately called Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch, as "a combination of chocolate and sweet cream ice creams, with caramel clusters, fudge covered almonds and marshmallow swirl." That is not catastrophic. That is delicious.

And the other ice cream flavor is not named after a character, but after a MUSICAL MOMENT. Bottom line, if you love cupcakes like McAdams loves (er, loved) Gosling, then you will definitely want to eat Lazy Sunday by the pint. Ben & Jerry's describes this flavor as "vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl." You will definitely want to each that and then watch The Chronicles of Narnia.

In honor of this momentous and flavorful event, let's celebrate like Gilly...

...and let us also revisit this CLASSIC from The Lonely Island. It's only appropriate.

Images: NBC; Giphy