#TBT: Mood Rings are Back!

Gotta love a mood ring, right? I owned plenty of those color-changing (plastic) gems as a child in the '90s and confess to having purchased one for a dollar from a toy store just last summer. I wear my cheapo version all the time, but I may need to replace it soon because a brand called Radar makes gorgeous mood rings that are very grown up.

For starters, they're made of real metal. The rings also come in sophisticated square shapes with visible hardware, so they're edgy and eclectic while staying true to the feel of the classic mood rings. Created by The Lake & Stars lingerie designer Maayan Zilberman, the rings keep track of mood based on the temperature of your body. Pretty rad, right? Her settings are inspired by race cars, military watches, ‘70s architecture, and medieval metalwork.

Mood rings have been around since the 1970s when they were often made of silver or gold, but by the '80s and '90s they had become a grocery store toy dispenser staple. Zilberman's creations prove mood rings aren't just for kids. I, for one, am so IN LOVE with her entire line that my mood ring would be light green for "romantic". Unfortunately for me, I'll have to pay more than 75 cents this time if I want one — Radar rings are priced from $165 to $265.