Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Tour Is Coming To HBO, One 4-Minute Episode At A Time

I will try my darndest to write about this without using expletives upon expletives: There will be a 10-part Beyoncé concert special on HBO. ASDFGHJKVBNMQZRGH MY QUEEEEEEN. If you're anything like me (i.e., someone who considers spending a Sunday night watching Bey concert specials on Palladia and eating Bagel Bites an ideal Sunday night), you read HBO's tweet and lost your marbles. Life IS but a dream, you thought, intentionally referencing the 2013 HBO Beyoncé documentary. Why? Because you assumed it meant we'll be blessed with a fresh hour of Beyoncé concert footage a week for 10 weeks.

Alas, that is not the case: Before every episode of the final season of True Blood, HBO will air a new four-minute long Beyoncé : X10 minisode. Each segment will be a Bey-tastic clip from the Mrs. Carter World Tour. So, it won't be 10 hours of Bey. It'll be 40 minutes, split up into 10 parts. Sure, I'd like to watch all of it at once, but hey. This news is exciting. I'LL BLEEPIN' TAKE IT.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, B:X10 will feature recordings of Queen Bey performing BEYONCE songs "Blow," "Drunk in Love," "Ghost/Haunted," "Flawless/Yonce," "Heaven," "Partition," and "XO." Yes.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Bey classics like "Get Me Bodied," "Baby Boy," "Diva," "(Run The World) Girls," and "Why Don't You Love Me?" also made the B:X10 cut. Yes, part deux.

Beyoncé: X10 will begin June 29 at 8:55 p.m. Can't wait can't wait can't wait. Set your DVRs, Beyhive.