All the Vagina References In 'OINTB'

Orange Is the New Black is beloved for a lot of reasons: It's zany while being tough, sexy without being exploitative, unsentimental but emotionally resonant. It's also a show pretty much entirely based around a large ensemble of women who are not afraid to delve into a whole bevy of under-explored women's issues. It's probably a combination of all of the above that's led to a whole lot of references to vaginas in Orange Is the New Black .

The nice people over at Vulture, perhaps sensing their civic duty, put together a supercut of all the references to female genitalia that occurred in Orange Is the New Black's second season. And there were so many, you guys! It's of course not all that surprising that a show about a women's prison would be heavy on the ladybits, but it's delightful nonetheless. Remember when Laverne Cox's Sophia Burset taught a group of women about their genital anatomy, because some of them literally thought they peed out of a second hole embedded in their vagina? Education is power, ladies. Know your vulvas! As one guard so elegantly put it, "shake out that pink."

Other highlights: There are so many different ways to refer to the female reproductive system. Top three from this video:

  • The upholstery
  • The cave system
  • Cunt-faced witch monster

Technically, that last one was referring to an entire person and not just the genital area, but it's just such good imagery.

Image: Netflix