These Pants Charge Your Phone, So Say Goodbye To The 'Sorry, My Cell Was Dead' Excuse

Whether I choose to blame it on poor battery life or my looming addiction to social media, it feels like my phone is almost always dead. I usually carry around an extra charger or USB to connect to whatever is going to get my phone charged the fastest. Now, it appears, I won't have to worry about lugging around those cumbersome wires anymore. A London-based designer recently revealed maybe the most practical piece of wearable tech yet — a pair of pants that charges your phone.

Adrien Sauvage, a British menswear designer, is the fashion visionary behind the new creation, and collaborated with Microsoft to produce the pants. The mechanism behind how the pants actually charge your phone's battery is relatively simple, actually — and pretty interesting as well. There is a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate in the front pocket, which means you don't even have to plug your phone in to charge it.

I have to say, this is ridiculously exciting. No longer will you have to dim brightness so low that you can barely get past your lock screen just to preserve battery. No, of course not. Just slip your phone in your pocket, and there you go — you're instantly one of those mysterious, cool people whose phone is always, always charged. You'll look simply too cool for social media — like a Facebook-less hipster who prefers the occasional Instagram shot of a latte to all of that shallow social media noise. But in reality? You'll just be constantly charging your phone in your pants pocket. Genius.

According to Adam Johnson, head of marketing for UK Microsoft Mobile Devices, the pants are a first for wearable tech.

“This collaboration is the first full integration of high-end technology and high-end fashion,” Johnson said, “the project has been an exploration of other directions that wearable technology may take, with a focus on how our current wireless technology can be integrated into a garment you already wear. We’ll definitely look to continue innovating this space.”

Johnson says the power pants (I've just given them this name) cost over $340 and will debut on Amazon "soon." Slightly mysterious and definitely expensive. But worth it? Oh yes.