Kenzo Debuts 'Kenzodiac,' Tells You What To Buy Based On Your Sign

Japanese brand Kenzo is hard to forget. The aesthetic of the brand is unique to say the least, and with trademarks like graphic, illustrated sweatshirts, Kenzo is known for it's artistic flare. Now, Kenzo has highlighted their artistic spin on fashion by pairing it with one thing all of us fashion girls love (although we might not all admit it at first...) — horoscopes. Kenzodiac (the name is perfect, no?) just debuted and if for no other reason than it is REALLY cool to look at, I totally love it.

Not sure how your week is going to go? Trying to decide which Kenzo piece is perfect for you? Kenzodiac can tell you all of that — and then some. The horoscope site, of course, is as much marketing as it is art, but it really works.

My horoscope currently (I'm a Pisces, if you're wondering) asks if I can really trust myself. And I don't know, Kenzo, can I? Along with providing an insightful quote from Albert Einsten, the horoscope also tells me what's going on with the new moon and some other stuff that I don't fully understand, but sounds kind of majestic and bohemian anyway so I will remember. Oh — and it gave me some advice on what to buy. Each horoscope pairs you with the perfect piece from Kenzo's site to buy this month. Which is really helpful, given that I already have what I would call a mild online shopping addiction. Kenzodiac just gets me, I guess.

Possibly the best part, though, are the ambiguously-gendered sketches for each astrological sign. Here's my awesome avatar:

Julien Ceccaldi/Kenzo

Be warned – there's A LOT going on on the site. Tons of moving pieces, a lot of visually interesting illustrations (some of which are a little scary, may I add), and at one point I didn't know where to click at all. It's all a bit overwhelming at first. However, having said all of that, the site is certainly worth a visit. The illustrations (done by Julien Ceccaldi) are stunning, and it gives a high-fashion spin on horoscopes, something that isn't often considered the most classy of reading material.

Plus, sometimes you just need help deciding what to buy that day. And it's all Kenzo — so you can't really go wrong.