Russian Lawmaker:PMSing? We Don't Want You at Work

PMSing? How about the day off? In fact, take two. Because no one wants to be around your crazy, hormonal ass.

That’s my paraphrased version of Russian lawmaker and nationalist LDPR party member Mikhail Degtyaryov’s latest proposal. As reported by NBC News, Degtyaryov recently sparked a public outcry when he asked parliament to grant women two days paid leave a month when they menstruate.

Degtyaryov defended his proposal on his website, insisting that the draft law was a measure meant to increase protection of women at the workplace. “During that period [of menstruation], most women experience psychological and physiological discomfort. The pain for the fair sex is often so intense that is necessary to call an ambulance,” said Degtyaryov.


The Moscow mayoral candidate also said pain during menstruation heightened fatigue, reduced memory and efficiency at work, and provoked distinct emotional discomfort. If there was any doubt about our abilities before, our menses apparently erodes any vestige of competence.

The State Duma Iower house of parliament does not meet again until September, but human rights campaigners have already dismissed the proposal as sexist. “This argument is obviously improper, unreasonable and nothing close to being serious,” said Anna Sobko, a lawyer at Memorial, Russia’s oldest human rights group.

If this is how Degtyaryov honestly thinks of women, it’s no wonder that he is polling at less than one percent support.

Image: Fotolia