Want To Watch His 'Superbad' Audition Tape?

Do you remember the first time you saw Superbad? I remember the first time I saw it — I was in college, high on my own freedom, and then I went to a party and drank a colored concoction (bad idea, Schlossberg!). But my poor choices were synonymous with the heart of the movie, weren't they? Anyway, prepare to feel young again (or REALLY OLD) with Michael Cera's Superbad audition tape. My how... we've all grown! Especially Cera. He looks incredibly mid-pubescent here.

But a very talented mid-pubescent actor, that is. If you can recall, some years before he was satirizing himself as a coked-out narcissist in This Is The End, he won us over with how natural and awkward he was in the raunchy 2007 flick. In this video, which resurfaced thanks to the wonderful, loving, nostalgic hands of the Internet, you can see that he was pretty much born to play the role of Evan. Sure, he may have later gotten slack for being a one-trick adorably awkward pony, but he does young and awkward so damn well.

You know who also thinks he does young and awkward so damn well? Seth Rogen, who acts as a reader with Cera and gives his very hearty signature laugh at the end.

So enjoy this trip down nostalgia lane! And remember: These eyes. Are cryin'. These eyes have seen a lot of love but they're never gonna see another one like they have with you...