Your Instagrams Are About to Get Way Better

by Savannah O'Leary
Kai Schwoerer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Coveted by photographers and cinematographers alike, golden hour is that magic time of day when the sun casts a dreamy shade of pink across the landscape. Shortly before sunrise or just after sunset, the world is a postcard, as burning horizons softly blend into glowing cityscapes. The thing about magic hour, though, is that it only lasts 20 minutes. Capturing its enchanting qualities requires organization, and thankfully, the new Golden Hour app can assist you with this endeavor.

Once launched, the Golden Hour app displays the exact time of that day's sunrise and sunset, and offers to send you push notifications just before golden hour begins. It’s a simple app, avoiding distracting advertisements and additional add-ons that take away from its minimal purpose. It has a pleasing interphase too — the app's glowing graphics mimic the quality of light it helps you to capture.

Professional photographers seem pleased with the app:

But cameramen are not the only people who benefit from this new technology. Life’s most memorable moments need not be left up to chance any more — romantic walks on the beach, engagements, and picnics can all be planned to coincide with the most beautiful time of day.

To harness the fleeting magic of golden hour, download the free app here.