Coco Rocha Was Told To Burn Her Clothes By Her First Agent — Is It Possible She Had No Style?

Model and social media aficionado Coco Rocha is so good at fashion that it hurts, but that may not have always been the case. Rocha's first agent reportedly told her to burn her clothes during an early meeting at the agency. Um, what? Is this the same Coco Rocha who regularly kills it on the red carpet we're talking about here?

During a Wilhelmina Models panel at the National Arts Club, Rocha revealed that she had "zero style" when she first entered the industry. “My agent told me to burn my clothes the first time I walked into the agency. I had zero style. When I left the agency, I threw them out right away outside.” I'm sorry, but no. I refuse to believe that the ever stunning Coco Rocha had no sense of style at any point in her life. Also, wait, is she implying she finished out the rest of the day in her underwear? I guess she could pull it off... Granted, Rocha was discovered at age 14 while performing in an Irish dance competition, so she may not have been at the top of her fashion game when she first met with an agent. I guess even supermodels are a little awkward in their early teens.

And yet...

Coco Rocha's current look is so on-point that I have a hard time imagining that she ever struggled with mastering high fashion.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Come on. She's wearing an organza bed ruffle on her boobs and owning it! In the spirit of research, I analyzed some of Rocha's #TBT posts on Instagram to assess whether or not she was born stylish or had stylishness thrust upon her. Let's take a look at the results.

Exhibit A

That sweet pink tee is perfectly oversized and tucked effortlessly into cute jeans, topped off with an epic up-do. Bonus style points for the seriously trendy friend in the ironic "Hug Me, I'm Cute" sweater.

Exhibit B

Hellooo statement pants! Those are so 2014, proving Rocha to be ahead of her time. I also appreciate the throwback half up/half down coif. I, too, rocked that look often in my youth.

Exhibit C

Monocromatic yet charming with that crisp top hat and frilly little gloves. Love it!

Exhibit D

According to Instagram these photos were taken nine years ago when Rocha was still pretty new to the modeling world. She might be wearing all black, but the long hair and sultry eyes kind of make up for the lack of flair.

The Results

The butterfly costume says all — Rocha has always known how to work an outfit. Any outfit.

Images: cocorocha/Instagram