Sam Edelman Clothing Is Coming to a Closet Near You — Here's a Look at the Collection

Good news for those of us who enjoy one-stop shopping: Shoes and accessories brand Sam Edelman is launching a women's apparel line, set to hit stores in late July. I was pumped when I heard the first heard the news back in 2013, since Sam Edelman makes killer ankle booties that I would happily never remove from my feet, and now the collection is finally actually happening.

According to WWD, the new apparel line will be produced by Kellwood Co. and will include women's, junior's, and girl's clothing. Original reports slated the line for February 2014, but production appears to have been delayed, with the first delivery hitting stores next month instead. Sam Edelman himself told the publication that "[a]pparel is the cornerstone of our expanding lifestyle presentation. The goal has always been to dress the ‘Sam Girl’ head-to-toe in my designs, and now it’s a reality." Prices will be consistent with Sam Edelman's reasonably accessible footwear line, ranging from $48 to $248.

But what about the clothes? Will we want to wear them? Racked published a preview of the first offerings from Sam Edelman apparel, and so far my reviews are mixed. The line feels a bit confused, but that could be chalked up to the fact that the images don't designate which pieces are designed for women and which are for younger girls. There are items, like a mixed print sweatshirt, that only preteens could really pull off. Then there are pieces that seem really solid, like an artfully seamed denim jacket. Allow me to assess some of the looks.

The plaid skirt with a slit up to there is extremely Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the silhouette from that slouchy sweater helps modernize the overall feel.

I love that leather jacket for any age group, but the sweatshirt and leopard print slides would work best on teenagers.

Nooo. NO. This says mountain ranger on top, punky teen at center, and outdoorsy elf on the feet. Help.

I'm sorry, does that skirt have a knitted waistband? The rest of the silhouette is nice, but for the love of God keep your shirt untucked.

Images: Sam Edelman