Abduction Victim Goes Dancing; Internet Freaks Out

Last weekend, one of Ariel Castro's three victims — 27-year-old Amanda Berry, who was kidnapped at 16 and has a child by her abductor — made her first public appearance. She had a drink, and apparently looked "normal." The Internet didn't like it.

Now back in her Cleveland home, Berry popped into the city's Rover Fest festival Saturday, and was brought out on stage admiringly by both host Shane "Rover" French and singer Nelly. French declared to the crowd: "I want you to give this person a bigger round of applause and cheer than me, anyone on the show, any of the acts that are here."

Or, as Radar reported in their headline:

Party Time, At Last! Amanda Berry Downed Strawberry Daiquiris & Danced During First Major Public Appearance Since Escape From House Of Horrors

Radar's spot-on: Berry probably spent the best part of her ten-year captivity craving partying and, uh, strawberry daiquiris.

The article was peppered with descriptions of Berry as "friendly," "polite," and "like normal," sort of how one might describe an animal at the zoo. Wistfully, Radar took pains to point out that she didn't seem at all traumatized, and people weren't pleased. Responded the Internet:

It’s just odd given the years of abuse she suffered. Normally she would not have that kind of trust or comfort. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make sense.
It seems to me she was enjoying it and is gonna use her ordeal to cash in.

Yah, uh next step, Bacardi endorsement.

Meanwhile, Castro is pleading guilty to more than 900 counts of rape, assault, kidnapping, and others, which will see him in jail for the rest of his life without parole.

Here's the 'incriminating' video: