'Enlisted' Star Geoff Stults Has Been In Every Show You've Ever Loved

It's kind of hard not to crush on the Hill brothers from Fox's Enlisted. The dreamy trio from Fox's new military buddy comedy bring a humorous edge to a topic that's usually reserved for more dramatic works. It's basically Scrubs for the army set, which is even better than it sounds. Geoff Stults stars as Staff Sergeant Pete Hill, who is tasked with managing a group of misfits on a Florida base after being sent back from Afghanistan, where he punched a senior officer. Of course two of those misfits are his little brothers, and hijinks ensue. Unfortunately, Fox cancelled Enlisted, so you won't get to watch and/or drool over Stults anymore—well, at least not on Fox.

Keep in mind, Enlisted's cancellation is definitely not an indication of its quality. Fox might have hurt the impact of the series by airing episodes wildly out of order, likely hoping the "strong" episodes would capture an audience, rather than letting the narrative play out in sequence. Enlisted seems to have been a hit among actual members of the military, as The Army Times published an editorial asking Fox to give it a better timeslot—something non-military fans surely would have liked as well.

The network did relent at least a little bit, airing the remaining four episodes on Sundays in June and putting the entire season on Hulu. But if you get tired of watching the same 13 episodes over and over to get your fix of the Hill brothers, fear not. Pete, well, Stults, has actually been on TV for years, and in shows you probably watched already and wouldn't mind seeing again.

Earlier roles had him in bit parts on shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and Spin City, but he's had some other memorable roles, too. Here are some of the TV series Stults has appeared in.


In the sixth season of HIMYM, Stults appeared in two episodes as Max, Marshall's friend from law school who dates Robin. Even though Robin shared some um, intimate, details about Max with the gang that lead to their inability to look him in the eye, they eventually broke up because she wanted him to try something in the bedroom that he was not into.


While his current gig is all about brothers, Stults previously starred on a show alongside his real-life brother George. On everyone's favorite '90s fixture, 7th Heaven, they played the Kinkirk brothers. George played Lucy's eventual husband Kevin, while Geoff portrayed his firefighter brother Ben, who was also Mary's love interest for a while.


Fans of the dearly departed but wholly excellent show Ben and Kate will remember Stults as Will, the cool, rich-via-inheritance musician Kate dated who had an unavoidably unattractive "guitar face" when playing in his ZZ Top cover band.


Stults also played Eddie Latekka on the ABC drama October Road. His character was a bit of a womanizing player before meeting and pursuing love interest Janet. Superfans of the show have littered the internet with plenty of cheesy tribute videos, which is impressive given the show's mere two season run.

Let's hope that Stults starts appearing in many more series, letting this list grow very soon.

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