13 Decorative Bookends Perfect For Keeping Your Awesome Library Organized

First came the invention of fancy bookshelves from Ikea, then came e-books, and then, just like that, bookends became a thing of the past. Humans no longer needed ornate and heavy objects to keeps their novels upright.

OK, so obviously that isn't the true history of bookends. In fact, it seems to me like bookends are making a comeback in the world of home decor. Think about it — they are the perfect way to store your books and decorate. They are both functional and fancy. Cool, yet quirky. Looking for a creative way to show the world what you're reading? Here are 13 bookends that are just as unique as they are useful.

DIY Faux Gold Bookends

You can make these stunning faux gold bookends yourself thanks to the geniuses at A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Lamp Bookends

This is about as functional as bookends can get.

Lamp Bookends, $95, Etsy

Portal 3D-Printed Bookends

How cool are these portal bookends? They were 3D-printed too!

Portal 3D-Printed Bookends, $33.25, Etsy

Fox Bookends

This is the only kind of fox I’ll let in my home.

Fox Bookends, $49, Etsy

Shot from a Cannon bookends

Don’t worry, this cannon is just for looks. Your books are safe!

Shot From A Cannon Bookends, $65, Uncommon Goods

Leaf Bookends

These pretty leaves bring both serenity and functionality to your library.

Leaf Bookends, $49, Etsy

Lamp Post Bookends

These lamp post bookends pair well with any of the classics.

Lamp Post Bookends, $47, Etsy

Lego Men Bookends

Not just for children, these awesome Lego bookends are full of personality.

Lego Men Bookends, $49, Etsy

Gold Lion and Wood Bookend

Fooled you! This isn’t a bookend. It’s just a lion who ate a bunch of books for breakfast.

Gold Lion and Wood Bookends, $75, Etsy

UFO Abduction Bookends

Run as fast as you can, because this UFO is coming for you (and your books).

UFO Abduction Bookends, $65, Etsy

Brazilian Agate Bookends

These beautiful Brazilian agate bookends are among the coolest on this list.

Brazilian Agate Bookends, $72, Etsy

Pineapple Beanbag Bookends

Pineapple-shaped beanbags may not make for typical bookends, but boy are they cool.

Pineapple Beanbag Bookends, $18, Etsy

Victorian Whale Bookends

This Victorian whale bookend is my absolute favorite. That whale’s expression is just so silly.

Victorian Whale Bookends, $68, Anthropologie