Mary Steenburgen's OITNB Season 3 Role Revealed

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

If you were bummed that we didn't see much of our favorite "mustachioed sh*t" in season two of Orange Is The New Black, don't worry: season three is All. About. Pornstache. Our favorite "mustachioed shit" will be back for a very 'stache-centric season three, and Mary Steenburgen will be joining the cast of OITNB as Pornstache's mom. On June 12, Steenburgen announced she'd be joining the cast in a tweet that has since been deleted, but didn't reveal who exactly she'd be playing. Now we know she'll be appearing as the mother of the mustache in a season of unresolved mommy issues and "who's the daddy?" drama. A baby will probably be born, tears will be shed, paternity might be tested, and it's all going to play out like an episode of Maury.

Momstache has arrived, and we are more than ready for some Morello-level backstory to unfold. Will momstache adopt Daya's baby and raise it as her own, thinking it's her grandbaby? What's it like to be the mom of the 'stache only a mother could love? Will we see a sensitive and (*gasp*) sympathetic side of pornstache we haven't seen before? Anything is possible, because no matter how thick and porny our 'stache may be, things can get complicated when moms start showing up. We can't think of anyone better than Steenburgen to play Pornstache's mom in her trademark slightly neurotic-yet-doesn't-GAF style. Orange Is The New Black's Season 3 is going to be the 'stachiest, weirdest, most dysfunctional prison-family-reunion of all time.

Images: Netflix; Giphy