James Gandolfini's 'The Drop' Marks the Actors Final Role & He's Going Out with a Bang

Actor James Gandolfini tragically passed away last June at the age of 51. But before his unexpected passing, Gandolfini had luckily gotten the chance to finish several films, one of which is set to premiere this September. This particular film, The Drop, deals with subject matter quite familiar to the faux mobster. The film centers around Gandolfini and Tom Hardy, both of which play two men entangled in mob relations. Except unlike his alter-ego, Tony Soprano, his role in this movie as Cousin Marv, shows a man trying to find a way out of the illegal underworld. According to director Michael Roskam, the film lets us in on a "beautiful glimpse," to what could have been a turning point in the actor's career.

If the trailer is any indication, we'd have to agree with Roskam. In just a few short minutes it's easy to see how differently and expertly Gandolfini played Tony Soprano and Cousin Marv who are two men in similar positions and yet handle the power, corruption, and fear oppositely. The Zero Dark Thirty actor manages to exude vulnerability and mystique that shines through the in brief clips of him and makes us yearn to see more. Regardless of the fact that this is premiering posthumously, it's apparent that Gandolfini would've garnered the same acclaim for it. It is simply looks to be a riveting film with skilled acting.

You can view the trailer for The Drop below:

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