'Newsies' on Broadway Is Ending This August So Grab Your Tickets & Pauper Hats

All you Jack Kelly fans better get your tickets for Newsies, because we have some information that will break your heart. The Broadway show Newsies is set to end on Aug. 24 with its final performance before traveling for its national tour later in the year. No longer will you be able to go to the Nederlander Theatre in New York City to view it. Sad panda.

The Disney movie starring Christian Bale and David Moscow (the kid from Big) became a musical a short two and a half years ago and was a hit despite early predictions. In fact, this news of the show’s conclusion is actually a bit shocking considering how well it has been doing.

Newsies continues to open at an 85 to 95 percent capacity, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and even exceeded expectations by earning back its $5 million investment a mere nine months after the show first opened.

I want to cry a little bit, kind of like I did when I first saw the show, but with sad tears this time. On the plus side however, fans of the musical will still be able to view it nationwide once it starts its tour in October. Thank god. Yet for those of you who don’t live anywhere close to the cities where the show will be playing, make sure to seize the day (hah, see what I did there?) and go see Newsies and its freakishly attractive cast before the show ends.

Hopefully Brigham Young University’s one-shot a capella video dedicated to the musical will make you feel better.