'Game Of Thrones' With An '80s Theme Would Be A Very Different (But Awesome) Show — VIDEO

Game Of Thrones is a pretty dark show. People die all kinds of gruesome ways that you kind of wish you could un-see, and some ways you wish you could un-hear. Sometimes it seems straight-up nihilistic, and you find yourself singing "We Are Never (Ever) Getting Back Together" to yourself and sobbing every time the Starks come onscreen. But what would Game Of Thrones be like in the '80s? This '80s remix of the theme song has forced the question into our brains.

The remix, by Russian producer Steve Duzz, is yet another example of how combining a hit show with an extremely hummable theme song can lead to infinite mash-ups, parodies, and remixes. And that that's pretty cool. And the remix's accompanying art — by Tokyo-based French graphic designer Mike Wrobel — proves our suspicion that a Game Of Thrones set in the '80s would look awesome.

Imagine it: Jon Snow could give in to all his moody hipster tendencies in the lead-up to the grunge era. Cersei could get real cray with all that AquaNet. Ned Stark in shoulder pads. Dany in a powersuit. Please, won't someone make my dreams come true and film this? Please? Bueller?

Bless the Internet:


Image: Mike Wrobel/Youtube