The Ed Hochuli of FIFA is Nestor Pitana, A Guy With Muscles the Size of Brazil

Look at the guns on this guy. The Internet is abuzz over the gigantic biceps on Argentina's Nestor Pitana, the Ed Hochuli of soccer. Who's Ed Hochuli? Well, he's basically the most muscular referee in the National Football League, known for his amazing physique. I wish I were kidding right now. Nestor Pitana's physique is such a match for that of the NFL rep that "Ed Hochuli" began trending on Twitter at the beginning of the USA vs. Portugal World Cup match on Sunday night.

Nestor Pitana is actually a former actor, and Sunday's game was his second of the tournament. Notably, he also has guns of absolute steel. Ed Hochuli's guns, by comparison, have their own Facebook page. Hochuli's also been compared to the ripped Howard Webb of England, who officiated the final game of the 2010 World Cup and issued an astounding 14 yellow cards.

To honor those biceps and the refereeing men behind them, we took the trouble of compiling the Internet's best ruminations on the topic, and present them here without further comment. Except to say: Man, these guys must work out.

But first, by way of comparison, here's what Ed Hochuli looks like:

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

1. Man, That Guy is Big

The trend all started with an innocent comparison.

2. Americans: Only Interested in Biceps?

The conversation quickly turned to cultural commentary. Because this is Twitter.

3. But Because They're Americans, the NFL Wins

Ultimately, some Americans came down on the side of Hochuli.

4. Every Detail of Pitana's Physique Got Attention

Even veins became part of the convo.

5. Inevitably, There are Photoshops

You knew this was coming, right?

6. And Some Began to Speculate That the Two Were Related

With musculature like that, it's gotta be genetic.