John Oliver's First 'Daily Show': How Did He Do?

A different "John" is taking over The Daily Show this summer. John Oliver will be taking over for Jon Stewart while Stewart is "living in an Italian village, learning to cobble shoes"... at least, that's how Oliver tells it. (Really, the Daily Show host is busy at work on his film, Rosewater, this summer.) Last night was the start of Oliver's eight-week run on the show, and while it's damn hard to beat Jon Stewart, we have to say that Oliver did a great job.

While many Daily Show fans were skeptical of Oliver filling in as host, John Oliver made the transition as smoothly as possible... basically, by indicating how weird the show would be without Stewart. While the Brit had plenty of jokes about England up his sleeve, the breaking news that our government has been collecting info about its citizens made it kind of hard to shoehorn them in. (What happened to summer fluff, right?)

On his first day, Oliver covered the NSA scandal, interviewed Seth Rogan on his latest film This is the End, and dealt with a group of bitter correspondents, one of whom is to blame for making #johnoliverblewagreatdane a trending topic on Twitter. But while Daily Show viewers might have to get used to the Brit before being totally sold, Oliver made a strong first impression... no matter what his correspondents have to say about it.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Image: Getty Images