New BBC America Show Looks Terrifying

Here's a new television trailer that will make you think twice about trusting your neighbors and friends. BBC America's newest series The Intruders dropped a new trailer and it looks about as unsettling as a show can get. According to Deadline, the series is about a secret society that chases immortality by taking over the bodies of the dead... which means that there is virtually no way to tell whether your loved one is really your loved one or just an intruding member of this "society." So, that's fun, right?

The Intruders has an excellent pedigree that will make it all the easier to scare and shock its audience. The show, which has been adapted from Michael Marshall Smith's novel of the same name, is executive produced by Glen Morgan, whose previous credits include The X Files and the NBC paranormal drama The Others. The show will also bring on directors with a serious scare-potential, including the Blair Witch Project's Eduardo Sanchez. (Remember the scene in the Blair Witch Project when the crew finds the witch's cabin and the guy is just standing there in the corner? Expect an entire episode of things like that.)

The Intruders premieres on August 23 at 10 p.m. on BBC America. You should tune in... with the lights on, of course.

(Yep. Super creepy.)

Images: YouTube