Maks' "Friendship" With J. Lo is Heating Up

Light the prayer candle, Maksyl fans. It appears that Jennifer Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are heating up their "friendship". You know, the one that's launched a hundred and one dating rumors that cut fans of Maksim and Meryl Davis to the core. When the news first broke that Lopez and Maksim were cozying up together while Lopez promoted her new album A.K.A., the Internet lost its collective mind so badly that a later report had to come out confirming that the two are just friends. However, Lopez and Maksim were spotted in a Connecticut nightclub on Saturday, drinking and celebrating a mutual friend's birthday.

Nothing to worry about, right? After all, Maks and Meryl seem like the kind of secure (imaginary) couple that can spend lots of time apart without getting jealous. They'd have to be, considering how much time they've been spending apart since winning Dancing with the Stars. However, this nightclub outing marks the second friend date that Maks and J. Lo have embarked on together — which means that pretty soon he'll have gone on as many dates with Lopez as he has with Meryl. Maybe we do have something to worry about after all.

Ultimately, we have absolutely no control over Maks or Meryl and they're not actually dating (yet) so they can spend time with whoever they want. However, until one of them definitively ends up in a relationship with someone else (or with each other, please, please, please) then it's totally fair for us to speculate. Should Maks stay loyal to Meryl or should his friendship with J. Lo be the one he tries to turn into a full-blown romance? Well, let's compare them.

The Meeting

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Jennifer Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy met in November 2013 when they performed together at the American Music Awards. Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis met during the filming of Dancing with the Stars season 18. Within ten minutes of meeting Meryl, Maks was proposing marriage to her. I don't recall hearing the same story about him and Lopez. This round goes to Meryl.

The Relationship

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Despite having known each other since November 2013, this is the first time that Maks and J. Lo have been spending so much public time together — or receiving so much press when they do. So far, they have been called "cozy" and gone partying together. Maks and Meryl, on the other hand, have been in each other's pockets all through Dancing with the Stars and have done everything from interviews to wild selfies together. They also can't seem to stop touching each other. This round goes to Meryl.

The Denials

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During a Twitter chat, Jennifer Lopez smoothly replied that she isn't dating anyone right now. A source also informed E! News that she and Maks were just friends. Meryl equally smoothly denied that she and Maks were dating and then just as smoothly said that they prefer not to talk about their personal lives, which pretty much left us all able to speculate that they weren't putting a label on it. This round goes to Meryl.

The Photos

Enough said.

The Verdict

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Obviously, Maks and Meryl are still going to be our all-time favorite couple-that-should be. We all hope that J. Lo finds love again after separating with Caspar Smart, but we're just not convinced that she's the right girl for Maksim Chmerkovskiy right now.

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