Watch This Bar's Reaction To US Vs. Portugal

You were not alone in how you felt when watching the United States play Portugal in The FIFA World Cup on Sunday night. In fact, this entire bar's reaction to Portugal's final goal captures exactly what you were feeling. Scratch that, this video is pretty much what all of America was feeling when Portugal scored that final goal. IT WAS SO SUDDEN. Things went from so awesome to so not. Even fair weathered sports fans who just showed up for the booze and chips were on board with this reaction. GAH!

Fortunately, you can find solace and comfort in sheer numbers. The Internet lets you know that there are others out there, just like you. These good people in the video were watching the game at The Keg & Barrel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on Sunday night, and they were right there with you in spirit. They, too, were celebrating and going nuts, and then suddenly entered an awkward, uncomfortable silence that pretty much said, "uhh...guess our celebration was too soon. TOO. SOON."

Check out the video below, and rejoice in the Internet's ability to epitomize America's emotional state. As Michelle Branch put in "Everywhere," "I'm not alo-o-o-o-one." That's right; you're not — you have the Internet and The Keg & Barrel on your side.

Image: Youtube