U.S. Goalkeeper Tim Howard's Tattoos Promote Animal Rights Because He's Just That Perfect — PHOTO

If you're not a soccer fan and have somehow managed to miss the ubiquitous World Cup coverage, here's something, or rather someone, who might make you into a roaring fútbol enthusiast: Tim Howard. Howard, the Everton goalkeeper who is currently playing on the United States National Team during the World Cup, has some seriously intense tattoos — and he uses them to help animals who don't have a voice. Yup! Howard teamed up with animal rights organization PETA to raise awareness about the fur industry.

In a video for the organization, Howard talks about how he doesn't believe that people should wear fur, calling it "unnecessary" given the pain that animals suffer in the process of creating the fabric. What's really eye opening is Howard's ad for PETA, which features the soccer star stripped down to his underwear, showing off the tattoos that cover nearly all of his body. Here's the very appropriate tagline for his ad:

Fur only looks good on its original owner. Be comfortable in your skin and let the animals keep theirs.

The ad debuted in May of 2014, and with the World Cup has began popping up again. It's cool that Howard used his own creative body art to stand for something he believes in, and will no doubt give soccer fans and tattoophiles something to ogle over.

(Those abs don't exactly hurt, either.)

Go Team USA, right? I believe!

Image: PETA