Frances Bean Cobain Tells Immature Lana Del Rey That Saying She Wants to Die Isn’t "Cool"

Lana Del Rey doesn't like being famous, which she has made very clear, but recently her statements regarding fame have reached a new level of insensitivity. Now, someone who has a close connection to Del Rey's statements on wanting to die young is speaking out. Rock star daughter Frances Bean Cobain has called Lana Del Rey out on Twitter for glamorizing the death of young musicians, and she couldn't be more right on. Cobain's message to Del Rey: You need to stop already. Wanting to die for the glamour of it doesn’t make you cooler. Seriously, Lana. This teen-angsty "I wish I was dead" act is something you should've left back in high school with your jelly bracelets and your old name. Frances Bean is six years younger than you, but she's worlds more mature.

Frances Bean, the 21-year-old daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, took to social media to address 27-year-old Del Rey directly for a set of controversial remarks she made a few weeks ago. In an interview with The Guardian, the singer said that she saw glamour in the death of young musicians like her heroes Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. Furthermore, she said that she wished for her own death. Cobain naturally, having lost her father before her brain could even form memories, saw fault in Lana’s statements. Yesterday, she sounded off to her in a series of tweets.

The effect is that Del Rey should value her own life. Her life is more than fine, and I’m sure many people would be happy to live it. Not to mention, making statements like the ones Del Rey has made is a huge insult to the families left behind after the untimely death of a loved one. Cobain’s own dad passed away when she was just two, and this direct reference must feel almost like a personal affront. Even if Del Rey was in the wrong, her fans leapt to her defense via twitter.

Whether or not Del Rey has apologized, the beliefs she expressed are the kinds teenagers hold before they understand their own mortality. As an adult, Del Rey should get basic empathy and not say that she wishes for death. Frances Bean deserves kudos for standing up for the memory of her dad, for her family, and for herself.