‘OITNB’s Officer Bennett Shows Off His Secret Funny Side During Twitter Q&A

You may know him as Officer John Bennett on Orange is The New Black, but the actor behind the uniform totally wins at the Internet. OITNB's Matt McGorry has a fantastic Twitter account and, lest we forget, he also proved his awesomeness by teaming up with College Humor to create a fake "leaked" audition tape for the sequel to your favorite male stripper movie, Magic Mike XXL. This guy has a serious sense of humor, and it makes Bennett all the more endearing. (Even if that police officer can be as frustrating as hell at times.)

But let's get back to McGorry's Twitter account. First of all, he actually replies to fans who ask him questions or who send love in his direction, and he's also pretty darn funny. While we can easily admit that his everyday tweets are pretty chuckle-inducing and follow-worthy, he exemplified his tweeting prowess during the Orange Is The New Black cast's Twitter Q&A. Fans tweeted questions at the cast with #AskOrange attached to the tweet, and the cast answered. Everyone was pretty generous, if silly and biting like their characters on the dark Netflix show, but McGorry totally excelled at the whole Q&A thing. Let's just crown him the new king of Twitter, shall we?

Here's a look at some of his best answers from the #AskOrange Q&A.

Spoiler alert from Season 1 — Bennett got a prosthetic leg after contracting an infection from a grimy hot tub in Orlando. But while we're on the topic of his leg...

And one more for good (protected) measure...

Image: Netflix