And Ansel Elgort's Next Big Role Is...

A whole lot of eyes are on Ansel Elgort after The Fault In Our Stars launched him into teenybopper heartthrob territory. Now he's taken his next big role: Elgort will be playing Van Cliburn in a movie of the same name. We can reportedly expect to witness him very into piano and very enmeshed in the era of the Cold War.

Van Cliburn was described in his 2013 New York Times obituary as a "Cold War music envoy." They went on:

Hailing from Texas, Mr. Cliburn was a tall, lanky 23-year-old when he clinched the gold medal in the inaugural year of the Tchaikovsky competition. The feat, in Moscow, was viewed as an American triumph over the Soviet Union at the height of the cold war. He became a cultural celebrity of pop-star dimensions and brought overdue attention to the musical assets of his native land.

Elgort certainly is a lanky twentysomething, and the movie will be an adaptation of Howard Reich's biography of Cliburn. Elgort will play him in that time described above, when Cliburn burst onto the scene at the beginning of what would go on to be a musical career spanning over four decades.

Seems like this Ansel Elgort fella's onto a good start in this carer of his.