James Franco Pantsed Himself On Stage

James Franco isn't shy when it comes to disrobing. Remember when he took that weird underwear selfie? (Oh, you erased that from your mind?) Well, now the actor-writer-philosopher-auteur-selife-taker-King-of-Paintshop-on-Instagram has taken off his clothes once more, except this time, it was for a good cause. (Phew.) James Franco showed his butt on Sunday for Broadway Bares, a burlesque show in which the Broadway community takes it off for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. You go, Franco — using your Broadway credentials for philanthropic causes!

Here's what went down: Franco appeared in a surprise bit with drag queen Bianca Del Rio. In the sketch, Franco was attempting to enter a club, and he wasn't getting the access that he's used to. He pretend to be all upset, and then Rio whipped off his pants, as one does — much to the excitement of the audience.

Franco, who is currently starring on Broadway in Of Mice And Men, was one of many male actors who disrobed for this annual event, including Matthew Morrisson and Cheyenne Jackson, among others.

This marked the event's 24th anniversary, and each year, it's a great opportunity for people to get together and have a raucous time in the name of a good cause — and hey, those of us not in attendance have the Internet photos the morning after.

And in case you were wondering if Franco Instagrammed the event... OF COURSE he did. Instagram is like his non-paying side gig!

And now, for the butt shot:

Strippin' and showin' bums for a good cause. We'll take it, Franco... even if we aren't too surprised.

Image: jamesfrancotv/Instagram; arcoyflecha90/Instagram