E-Joint, An E-Cigarette For Weed, Is Now A Thing: The 8 Most Innovative Ways To Smoke Pot

The next time you see a passerby puffing away at an e-cigarette, it may not be a cigarette at all. A Dutch company has released the first e-joint, and it’s exactly what you’d expect: An e-cigarette for weed. The new E-Njoint can be filled with either dry herbs or liquid marijuana extracts, and comes in tons of varieties: There are disposable models, rechargeable models, vaporizers, and even a limited World Cup edition.

“Holland is well known in the world for its tolerant and liberal attitude toward soft drugs and the introduction of this new product clearly makes a statement,” says Menno Contant, E-Njoint’s fantastically named CEO. “As long as you don’t bother or disturb other people and stay within the legal boundaries, all is well.”

While weed-smokers have been using vaporizers for years, this is a bold new invention in the marijuana world — and that’s par for the course. You can say a lot of things about stoners, but you certainly can’t accuse them of being lazy when it comes to inventing newfangled and avant-garde ways to smoke weed. There’s seemingly no limit to the methods by which someone can ingest THC, and both enterprising and amateur inventors alike are determined to discover them all.

If you live in a state where smoking weed is legal, then here are some of the most innovative ways to get high.

The Buckle Puffer

As fun to say as it is to use as it is to say, the Buckle Puffer is a sleek, respectable belt for professionals ... which also happens to be a weed pipe. The invetion started as an IndieGogo campaign and is undoubtedly one of the most discrete smoking devices on the market. The device was released with much fanfare in 2013 but, distressingly, the website is currently “experiencing difficulties.”

The EZ Pipe

EZ Pipe, $10, Amazon

While nowhere near as sneaky as the Buckle Puffer, the EZ Pipe wins points for efficiency. This device manages to combine a lighter and a pipe into a singular handheld device. The design is simple and intuitive; and while we could describe it, you’d surely rather watch this guy who kind of looks like Mark Ruffalo demonstrate the EZ Pipe in action, right?

EZ PIPE on YouTube

The Bracelet Pipe

The Bracelet Pipe is, ummm, a bracelet pipe. That’s really all you need to know. The bowl and mouthpiece protrude from the chamber, which is circular and comprises the bracelet aspect of the device. While it’s impressively minimalist, we can’t help but worry about the poor soul who gets thwacked in the eye with a bowl of weed when an overzealous Bracelet Pipe-wearer whips around too quickly in the subway.

The Foldable Pipe

Helpful for smokers with tight jeans and/or small pockets, this foldable pipe is a flat, perforated piece of stainless steel — around the size of a credit card — that becomes a fully-functional pipe when folded correctly. The downside is that you can’t unfold it; the plus size is that it looks so unlike any other marijuana pipe that you can easily pretend it’s an innocuous piece of household art without raising any eyebrows.

The Halo

This is it, folks: The creme de la creme of cannabis consumption. The pinnacle of private pot-puffing. It’s the Halo, a soon-to-be-released device that transforms a regular ol’ Starbucks cup into a portable, secret bong. The circular device fits snugly onto the top of a 20-ounce cup of coffee (or whatever) and utilizes the cup’s contents as bong water for a water pipe. It's brilliant — just remember not to drink the coffee once you’re done toking.

The Starburst Pipe

While the prospect of inhaling fumes from melted Starburst-goo is mildly frightening, this piece wins points for making the most out of limited resources. Necessity was most certainly the mother of this invention; clearly, some creative individual had nothing left but a lighter, some weed, and a couple of Starbursts. Rather than resign themselves to the fact that they just wouldn't be getting high that day, they used their noggin and came up with this. And wouldn't you know it — it caught on.

HempBeach on YouTube

The Ice Bong

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the ice bong, which is never created out of sheer necessity alone, but rather out of pure love of ice sculpture. It requires hours of preparation and a freezer to make; it's difficult to transport; and perhaps most importantly, it will inevitably melt and collapse mid-hit if you use it for long enough, soaking everything in its immediate vicinity. But, oh, is it an innovative thing of beauty.

XxZaVaGe187xX on YouTube

The Fuma Robusto

When a traditional one-hitter disguised as a cigarette is too low-class, the awesomely-named Fuma Robusto may be the solution. It's a ceramic pipe carefully crafted to look and feel like a real stogie, and although cigar aficionados will surely notice how much heavier it is than the real thing, it's perfect for all the nights when all you want to do is retire into your study, throw a log in the fireplace, dust off an old hardcover, and get stoned.

BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube

Images: E-NJoint, EZ Pipe, Buckle Puffer, GrassCity.com, EveryoneDoesIt.com, Huffington Post