Is 'SYTYCD' Alum tWitch Still Dancing? We Miss Stephen Boss' Sweet Moves

When we think back over past seasons of So You Think You Can Dance , it's possible that tWitch — aka Stephen Boss — is our favorite contestant of all-time. It actually took a few tries for him to get in the spotlight. He was a contestant on The Wade Robson Project first, then narrowly missed the top 20 on SYTYCD's third season. But the freestyle dancer from Alabama finally made it to the finals in the fourth season — going all the way to second place overall — and doing some of our favorite choreography along the way. He's returned to the show a few times to dance as an "All-Star" — a veteran dancer that gets paired up with a newbie contestant.

During Wednesday night's audition, tWitch will return once again, this time as a judge for the long-running Fox competition. And while we love all of our guest judges (especially Ms. Christina Applegate), tWitch just might be our favorite one gracing our screens this year. What we can we say? He's just the absolute best.

But what is Stephen "tWitch" Boss doing when he's not on SYTYCD? He's been a very busy guy, as it turns out. We caught up with some of his most recent projects.

He's Danced in Movies

tWitch has landed a bunch of movie roles, but his most notable ones were in Step Up 3D and Step Up Revolution. The next movie in the franchise — Step Up: All In — is sort of its own All-Star season; it's going to bring together the casts from all the other movies in the series. Of course, tWitch is going to be among them. Mark your calendars now: The movie comes out July 25.

Microsoft Used Him in Their Commercials

If you caught this spot for the Microsoft Surface Pro, you've seen tWitch getting down in business attire. Certain movie theaters even ran a longer version of the ad with behind-the-scenes footage about how it was produced, and tWitch gets some additional screen time there, plus a few compliments from his coworkers. "tWitch is one of the best freestylers out there," says director John M. Chu. "He has a musicality about him." We couldn't agree more.

He Works with Nonprofits

tWitch is on the board of trustees for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which seeks to "support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the United States." It's an organization that must be close to his heart; not only is it dedicated to dance, it was founded by SYTYCD producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe and director and choreographer Adam Shankman. It's also proof that tWitch isn't just a dancer, but an advocate of arts education.

He Married Another SYTYCD Alum

Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Awww, it's a match made on the hot tamale train. The bride is Allison Holker, who made it to the top 10 on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance before returning as an All-Star. (She also pops up in that Microsoft Surface ad, in case you don't remember how she dances — just look for the blond hair.) If that wasn't cute enough on its own, according to US Weekly, the pair married at Nigel Lythgoe's Villa San Juliette Vineyard and Winery in Paso Robles, California. Congrats, guys!

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