Who is Dr. Paul Nassif?

by Laura Rosenfeld

Much of reality TV is like a train wreck; it's not that the show is good, it's that what's happening before you on screen is so terrible, you just can't look away. I have a feeling that may be the case with E!'s new reality show Botched , which follows plastic surgeons- cum -reality stars Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow as they right other doctors' plastic surgery wrongs. If you're into bad nose jobs, lip injections that look like allergic reactions, and upside-down implants, this is the show for you, sicko! Of course, based on my past as a Dr. 90210 devotee, I probably won't be able to resist the awful allure of Botched, either.

So remember when I said that the plastic surgeons on the show aren't just plastic surgeons? Nassif and Dubrow are both alumni of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise. And with all of the surgical enhancements that those ladies have, let's just say these doctors were more than welcome additions to their respective series. Aside from hob-nobbing with Bravo's elite, what else makes these guys qualified to fix plastic surgery nightmares? Let's go beyond the surface and get to know Nassif a bit better, shall we?

These days, Nassif is most famous (or infamous?) for being the estranged ex-husband of Adrienne Maloof, who both starred on the first three seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when they were married. The couple has three sons together, Gavin, Christian, and Colin. On the show, Nassif and Maloof seemed to argue a lot, but there was nothing too dramatic until the end, when both partners accused the other of abuse during their relationship, and it was just an all-around nasty divorce. Fortunately for all of our sanity, the two reached a settlement last year and have seemed to move on with their lives. Since then, Nassif says he lost nearly $400,000 in a real estate scam and got himself a new girlfriend.

Let's not forget, the guy really is a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at his practice in Beverly Hills. Can I just say that I love how his official bio says that, "Patients marvel at how Dr. Nassif is able to create a nose that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing"? Are there doctors out there who create noses that aren't "functional"? In addition to his all-important Dr. 90210 certification, Nassif also teaches at both USC and UCLA's medical schools.

Nassif's other business venture (a reality star's got to have a lot going on) includes owning Blizz Frozen Yogurt. He was supposed to launch a skin care line with his ex-wife, but it's safe to say that plan fell through with the divorce. From Nassif's Instagram profile, it looks like he enjoys eating, traveling, and deciding if he looks better with his glasses on or off in his down time. Glasses off, IMHO.

So there you have it. Nassif's resume shows that he is just as qualified to give you a completely new nose as he is to be on a reality show. Go fix those faces, Nassif!

Images: brokegifs/Tumblr, prostitutionhoe/Tumblr