How Ginger Can Give You Longer Hair

The first ingredient that I introduced to my natural hair routine was water. I was hyper-aware of how fragile my new curls were, and was still recovering from my hair fiasco the previous year that left me with serious breakage and short bangs, about two years too late to be cool. My hair was short enough to be able to detangle with just water and my trusty Giovanni products. Once I started to notice some serious growth, I added coconut oil, and it started growing back even quicker. Since then, I've found myself peering into my cooking pot, wondering if a delicious meal can also contain a vital secret to keep those hair and skin compliments pouring in.

Ginger is already the secret ingredient for my vegetable fried rice and green curry, but not long ago it also became my secret ingredient in my beauty routine. Ginger is filled with some amazing antioxidant and antiseptic properties that make it ideal to sooth your throat and treat minor burns from the sun or in your kitchen. This root is not only going to brighten your dishes with a unique flavor, it can also brighten your skin by evening and softening it.

Ginger stops free radicals that are damaging to our skin and reduces inflammation caused by pimples or other unsightly blemishes. It's also amazing at increasing scalp circulation and stimulating hair growth; since it contains zinc it's also able to add some serious moisture to otherwise dry tresses.

The Body Shop and Paul Mitchell both make hair care products that prevent split ends and promote healthy locks; and don't even get me started on how in loooove I am with the Ginger People's line of skin products — all ginger, all natural! If you are trying to keep your beauty allowance at an all-time low, you'll definitely want to check out a few reasons why I've got to have ginger in my medicine cabinet.

Skin Mask

Ginger is the jam for keeping my skin looking youthful and even-toned. There is nothing I detest more than the dark spot a rude blemish has left behind right on the center of my face. You can also use this mask for hypo-pigmented areas — areas of the skin lacking in color — that can be pretty pricey to treat. I like to use organic powdered ginger for this mask, but muddled ginger will definitely work as well! Add equal parts of lemon juice and ginger into some raw honey (enough to form a paste) and apply directly on your face. Massage into your skin and wash off after 5 minutes. If you're using this to treat hypo-pigmentation, you'll need to apply this mask daily to see results. Otherwise, use this remedy a few times a week for beautiful, radiant skin.

Mustard Ginger Foot Bath

This recipe from Crunchy Betty's website is a detoxin' dream for any achy body or random summer flu. Use about one and a half tablespoons of mustard powder and add 1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger. Mustard contains vitamin A, K, E and C; it's an excellent anti-fungal to fight off infections. Fill up your bathtub with enough warm water to cover your feet and stir in your ingredients. Once you add the final ingredient (your feet), relax for at least 20 minutes and let the ginger work its detox you from bottom to top.

Hair Spritz

To fight split ends or just to enhance hair growth, I put fresh ground ginger in my spray bottle before adding my favorite hair spritz. Currently, I'm rocking with cucumber pulp, coconut and basil oil and it is def my go-to for a midday spritz. Adding the ginger gives me a bonus because it's a great detangler and will keep those split ends at bay, keeping those long tresses healthy. Use this root in your daily hair routine, and your 'fro will be big, beautiful, and healthy.

Got split ends? Uneven Skin? Brutal stomach ache? Then you must get up on the ginger craze. You can purchase fresh ginger at your local grocery and all you need to do to get the juice is peel back the skin with the edge of a spoon or the dull side of a knife. It's too easy and cheap to not try!

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