New Dating App...That Doesn't Have Photos

by Carrie Murphy

Would you use an online dating service that doesn't feature profile pictures? Yeah, me either. But the creators of Twine, a new dating app, hope that their app's conversation-based approach will make them stand out from the (superficial?) crowd.

Like Tinder or Bang With Friends, Twine is designed to help you connect with people nearby. But unlike Tinder and BWF, you don't scroll through profile pictures to decide who you might want to connect with; Twine matches you based on the Facebook interests you have in common, as well as your age range. Then, when you're matched, the app lets you chat with your matches—while their Facebook profile photo is blurred out, at least at first. That's why the app's motto is "Flirt first, reveal later."

I think it's a nice idea, but I honestly think that the kind of people who use dating apps aren't really going to go for this approach. If you're looking for a deeper connection based on conversation and common interests, you'd be a lot better off hitting up eHarmony. Still, a large problem with dating apps is the amount of spam and fake profiles that proliferate on them; that Twine makes you use your real Facebook photo implies that maybe this can be the hookup app where "real" relationships are forged.

Twine launched yesterday for both iPhone and Android, so if it sounds cool to you, go ahead and download it. The app will even suggest conversation topics for you to bring up with your matches. Someone please try it and let me know how it goes!