'True Blood' Gets A 'Sesame Street' Parody With Plenty Of Rhyming In 'True Mud' — VIDEO

The seventh and final season of True Blood premiered Sunday on HBO, reminding audiences everywhere that, yes, it is still the type of show that'll (spoiler alert) kill a major character in the first five minutes. In honor of its premiere, Sesame Street decided True Blood was the show it wanted to parody next. Of all the shows Sesame Street could parody, True Blood seems the one least likely to fit in with a children's show, considering how straight-up porny it can be. The sheer amount of butts and gore didn't deter the people over at Sesame Street, though — they just replaced the R-rated stuff with rhyming.

True Mud takes us to a Southern bar in which a "Grouch" (instead of a vampire) with some floppy black hair demands to be fed some "TruMud." The Sookie proxy tries to offer him a baked potato (or "baked spud") instead, then a cow moseys on by and offers him some cud. Rhyming!

The parody's not quite as intriguing a twist on the source material as past Sesame Street parodies like the ones they did for Mad Men and The Hunger Games, but it's serviceable nonetheless. Plus it really makes you think about how many things could possibly rhyme with mud.

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