Chris Evans Is Pissed In This 'Snowpiercer' Clip

We're not entirely sure what to make of the fact that Chris Evans hurls something that looks like Thor's mjölnir at Tilda Swinton's head in this new clip from Snowpiercer . Then again, there's a lot we don't know how to process about this clip. But let's be honest, we're kinda into that.

Filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho's English-language debut, Snowpiercer "is set in postapocalyptic ice age that forces humanity’s last survivors aboard a globe-spanning super train. One man risks everything to lead a revolt for control of the engine and the future of the world." That postapocalyptic ice age and that super train apparently include Tilda Swinton giving impassioned speeches about "filthy ingrates," and Chris Evans having just none of that and throwing a hammer her way.

The Mary Sue called Snowpiercer "the best sci-fi film of the decade so far," with Rebecca Pahle writing that:

Readers, I see a lot of movies. Most of them are good. Some are great. A small number I love. And every once in a while I see a movie that leaves me vibrating with energy as I leave the theater, knowing that what I just saw will stick with me probably for the rest of my life, or at least until the inevitable robot overlords come and conquer the planet. Snowpiercer is one of those.

Sounds like a winner to us. This clip's certainly got us intrigued.

Image: Radius—TWC