'The Bachelorette': Andi's dismissal of Cody feels like something she should have done five episodes ago

Another week, another Bachelorette recap, another Sling outage. We're in Groundhog Day here, fellow travelers on this romantic journey, doomed to watch the same story again and again -- with or without sound -- as we try desperately to wring something, anything of substance from the experience. Will we emerge from this year's "After the Rose" ceremony with a stronger sense of self, the belief that tomorrow (when we finally have tomorrows again) will be better than all the days before? I don't know. Maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. But it's like my mom always told me: "if you can't scat your way through the opening paragraph(s) of a Bachelorette recap, then what is it that you'll ever really get out of life?"

Whether she said that or not is immaterial because here we are, properly scatted, ready to reflect on an episode I can tell you I didn't really watch. I mean, I understood the basic story beats -- it's not a Bergman movie -- but the subtle nuances of conversation, whatever snappy one-liners may have emerged from the Venetian brush tonight? Those are lost to me. So I'm forced to kind of wing it from start to finish here!

What can we say, what can we say...

Ahh, got it. Let's talk about Cody for a second. Now, we learned just a few things about Andi earlier in the season that have quite honestly not been joined by much new information since. She's a criminal litigator from Atlanta, got that. She's looking for a husband, got that. And she's got a long history of dating athletes, professional or otherwise. Hmmm...

She's told Josh M. as many times about that last part, and it's easy to understood how the guy has made it so far on the show (I remain convinced that he'll take it all). But that little factoid also helps us understand how Andi kept Cody around for as long as she did, all the way up to tonight's uncomfortable date.

She had to have known from early on that things just weren't going to last with Cody, right? That yeah, maybe you'd have some fun along the way but there wouldn't be, like, a wedding to wrap things up. Andi's a smart woman, and clearly cognizant of patterns in her dating life. She had to have known. And while I'm not accusing her of stringing the guy along -- because he's on a dating show where the very conceit is being strung along -- it did shock me that she brought him this far only to break his heart. Or at the very least, hurt the dude's feelings. Not cool!

I've got to hit a yoga class now to try and cleanse my brain of all things Bachelorette, but bottom line: you know straight away you're not going to marry the Cody. Let him down early and easily. And then really screw with the villains' heads. See you soon, Nick V.!