11 Times Taylor Was a Middle-Aged Woman

She just loves her cats, dude. Taylor Swift might act just like your mom but she also just gave Ed Sheeran a Drake-lyric needlepoint. Would your mom do that? Probably not, but Sheeran confirmed what we all expected about our Tay Tay — Swift isn't 22 at heart. The "Don't" singer told Time that Taylor Swift has a middle-aged woman trapped in her 24-year-old body. And I can't help but agree — considering middle-aged Swift has taken over the Red singer's social media from time to time.

Sheeran said Swift "hangs out with her cat and sews things," before concluding that the singer has an older soul than her 24 years. In case you don't already know, Swift's other hobbies include baking, hanging out with the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, and dressing like a straight-laced mom (her own words). Oh, the X singer also stated the obvious: Swift is "crafty." I mean, she made you a Drake-lyric needlepoint, Ed — obviously she's "crafty."

Personally, I have a feeling that Swift's inner middle-aged woman is a cross between Desperate Housewives' Susan Meyer and Bree Van de Kamp (I mean, c'mon with the baking). So, here's 11 times said middle-aged Taylor tried to escape and take over:

This Tweet

Did she mean Words With Friends? #middleagedproblems

When She Wore This Cat T-Shirt

No, it wasn't in an ironic Miley Cyrus-type way. This is her "day off" shirt.

When She Got THIS Excited About Coffee Creamer

I don't even know what to say about this.

Speaking of Cats

This really hits home for me — but I also identify more closely with 45-50 year-old women than my early-20s age group.

When She Got A Birthday Card From Her Cat

This is cute — but still.

When She Tried To Make Waking Up At 1 p.m. Sound Crazy

First of all, 3 p.m. would really be nuts and more typical early 20's behavior. But, this is a solid effort and I mean, the buckwheat crepes.

Everything About This Photo

I'm just speechless.

When She Didn't Know What a Hashtag Does

WHAT?! Also, apparently she even knows she's not really 24.

This Ornate Pumpkin Carve-Job

Like, really with that calligraphy?

This Other Tweet

They're fine, I promise.

This Seashell Craft

She's absolutely going to line the path up to her house with these shells.

*Bonus* — Cat Photos

I know, I know, cat photos are age-universal. Having a staring contest with your cat might not be, though.

Images: TaylorSwift/Instagram (7)