'GoT' Starring the Cutest Pugs Ever

What’s better than Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones reenacted by a trio of pugs, of course. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new favorite obsession: the Pugs of Westeros!

Roxy, Blue, and Bono, who belong to Sue and Philip Lauer, have been getting their cosplay on ever since they were puppies. Philip recently told Metro UK, “Sue is a professional photographer and designer and she loves to take pictures of our pugs in various scenarios.” Not only that, but it’s also apparently one of the dogs' favorite activities: “We have a studio set up in the garage, and whenever I walk them towards it they get excited, no doubt wondering what’s next,” he said. “It’s fun for them, but they do take it seriously — they are proper little professionals.”

They’re so professional, in fact, that when UK movie and television streaming service blinkbox got wind of the pugs and their amazing costumes, they actually asked the Lauers if they’d create this little Game of Thrones tribute as an advertisement to promote the show's fourth season for them — a challenge Sue and Philip “couldn’t resist.” Noted Philip to The Poke, “Sue spent two weeks just creating the Iron Throne alone but it was well worth it.” Added blinkbox Managing Director Adrian Letts, "We know the nation is settling down to devour as many episodes of this brilliant show as they can, but we hope they paws to enjoy our spoof.” Hear, hear!

Television shows reenacted by pets are always both entertaining and adorable. (See: Orange Is the New Black starring a whole bunch of teeny tiny kittens.) I think what makes this one particularly hilarious, though, is that fact that we’re talking about a bunch of pugs here. I don’t know about you, but I tend to classify pugs as “so ugly that they circle right back round to being cute.” Plus, they naturally have such dour little expressions that they seem right at home battling for the Iron Throne.

Oh, and for the curious, know that the Pugs of Westeros aren’t the only homegrown stars rocketing to fame thanks to blinkbox. Remember that video of a golfer being menaced by a terrifying pair of black swans that went viral in February? Bad-tempered swans are terrifying enough as it is, but believe you me, they’ve got nothing on Daenerys’ dragons:

Bad Drogon! Bad! We don’t. Eat. The golfers!

You can also go behind the scenes on the Pugs of Westeros shoot, as well as see some high-res photos of the pugs in all their Westerosi glory.

Image: blinkboxmovies/Flickr